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This has to be one of the "most fun images" we've done with Photoshop in a long time!  So, of course, I have to talk a little bit about it ... it started with an image of Zoey over a stock photo of Santa. Then I started adding beads and ornaments and gift packages and just about anything holiday-ish that I could think of ... then I added double borders of red and green with sparkles.  Still not satisfied I smart-blurred the whole picture, deepened and brightened the colors.  It was already an image with about 16-photoshop layers!  But seemed too ordinary and average.  So I started playing with the shape, and when I made it into a fish-eye shape realized it would fit into a circle and a circle is - of course - an ornament!  Fun!  But putting it into the ornament was the hard part.  So the ornament went to the "back" and was made dark, and a copy of the ornament was brought to the front with about 50% opacity, with the fish-eye image as flattened Layer 2, now in the middle.  Play with the inner shadow tools some; play with the outer shadow tools ... blur and soften the edges ... add a little light flare.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it done?  Never.  Nothing in photoshop is ever really done, you can (like the energizer bunny just keep going, and going ... unless you're a professional, which I'm definitely not).  And in my mind, none are ever perfect either ... there's always a way to make an image bettter, or different ... just try and try again.  Whatever ~ this crazee bauble was tons of fun! 



"Wait a sec, there might be somethin' in my pocket, just for you ... "

... and by the way, some prayers please ... 



♪♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ♬♪

Over my many years of blogging, my life has been touched and blessed by all of you, for this I am so very thankful.  To one and all I send my warmest wishes that you and yours share all the joy of this holiday season.  And, as always, may your New Year bring all that you need and some of what you want.  Thank you for your friendship.

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I was just looking at those big, fat, juicy ants marching across the deck and thinking to myself,
what a sweet little appetizer they would be ...

Then I noticed that guy in the lead with his teeny-weeny Santa hat ... and I noticed all of them dragging teeny-weeny tree lights, and I started to think to myself ... maybe they're off to some ant farm to decorate for the hollydays for the bitty-little ants ... and those bitty-little ants would be awfully disappointed if the family didn't come home today to spruce up the place and all ...

And then I remembered the grandma is always telling the little grand boy if he wants to step on a bug:
"you know this is their home, outdoors here ... we are just guests in their home ... 
so do not bother them, let them be and let them go on their way ...".  

So, I thought some more, and said ... no big, fat, juicy ant appetizer today ... 
it's the hollydays for everyone and everything ... all the creatures great and small, remember that famous line.

[besides something tells me those ants aren't real anyway]